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A Little Self-Love Goes a Long Way

Last week, we started a board at La Vie en Rose called “I ❤ Me.” Our goal was to encourage our shoppers to write down (anonymously!) something they love about themselves in an effort to inspire others while sharing some much-needed self-love. What started as an optimistic endeavor quickly turned into something puzzling: Our very…

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Let Your Wrinkles Be Your Road Map

We recently had a birthday in the boutique (though we won’t name names), and it got us talking about getting older. After the fact, we realized the term “anti-aging” kept coming up. That pervasive idea has infiltrated everything from TV ads about the latest potion meant to reverse your wrinkles to Pinterest feeds claiming you…

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Our Gratitude to You

Here at La Vie en Rose, our mission is to make women feel beautiful. Whether you’re looking for just the right piece to complete your look, or searching for the perfect gift for the lady in your life – we’re not satisfied until you are. So when we get compliments from the very people we…

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